Welcoming Joint Regeneration of Lake Oconee to Harmony Crossing

Lake Oconee boasts a thriving, active community. From world-renowned golf courses to its miles of stunning waterfronts, there’s an abundance of opportunities to enjoy the best of central Georgia. But joint aches and pains can keep some from fully loving the lake life. Joint Regeneration of Lake Oconee (JRLO) is here to help.

Joint Regeneration is a multifaceted practice that takes a holistic approach to joint therapy. They pride themselves on offering their patients the best in non-surgical treatment. Though brand new to the area, having just opened their doors in March 2022, they’re already seen adult patients from all walks of life – and their patients are feeling the results.

“People will walk in our door using a cane due to knee pain,” explains Jessica Alferink, JRLO’s primary nurse practitioner. “After treatment, they’re walking in without the cane. Our patients can get back to enjoying activities like getting back to the gym and enjoying evening strolls.”

Alferink, a Georgia native, is also new to the Lake Oconee area. She moved here last year to be closer to friends and family. Before joining Joint Regeneration, she was a family nurse practitioner for five years specializing in family medicine, hospitalist care and emergency medicine. She worked in a trauma unit for six years beforehand. She brings her expertise – and friendly demeanor – to the Joint Regeneration office. “To be able to help alleviate discomfort for our patients- that’s the enjoyment,” Alferink says. “Patients come in with chronic pain and leave saying ‘I feel so much better.’”

Joint Regeneration offers a variety of treatments, tailored to their patient’s individual needs. From sports medicine to arthritis, they provide relief for all sorts of joint-related aches and pains. Alferink described for us the pains that might bring a patient to JRLO’s office. “Typically people complain of pain during walking, going up and down stairs, joint stiffness or swelling,” she says. “You might also hear popping or cracking.” Any of these symptoms are indicators that you may benefit from joint therapy.

The practice is also excited to start offering Myer’s cocktails. For the unfamiliar reader, that’s not a new special for happy hour – it’s an intravenous nutrient therapy containing magnesium, calcium, B vitamins, and vitamin C. “We’re also expanding to offer weight loss consultations. Joint pain can be related to weight and obesity, and we want to treat our patients holistically,” Alferink explains. For the athletic crowd, JRLO also offers recovery & performance IV treatments. If you feel fatigued or tired after a morning on the pickleball court or the golf course, these supplements can provide your body with a boost of nutrients for a speedier recovery. “Something else that sets our practice apart

is face-to-face imaging,” Alferik notes. “We do x-rays on site in the room, which lets us show you exactly what’s going on with your joints in real time.”

Ultimately, Joint Regeneration of Lake Oconee wants to help their patients live their best life. Their office in Harmony Crossing is a calm, welcoming retreat. After treatments, patients can relax in a recovery room complete with massage chairs, aromatherapy, snacks, and beverages. As Alferink says, ”We’re here to help you live your best life.”

Are you suffering from joint aches or pains? Whether from a recent injury or a chronic condition, Joint Regeneration of Lake Oconee is here to help. Schedule a consultation and start your path to a pain-free life today. Learn more: https://www.joint-regeneration.com/.

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