What Body Systems Are Affected by Massage?

What Body Systems Are Affected by Massage?

Massage therapy is generally used to treat musculoskeletal issues and help treat sprains, strains, and injuries of all varieties. However, a massage can positively affect your body in more ways than you realize. Read on to learn about the body systems that are affected by massage and more about massages in general.

Why Get a Massage?

There is no organ system that massage does not affect. Not every massage will pinpoint each system, but some can, depending on the thoroughness of the massage. This type of preventative health measure will help to keep all your body systems functioning at their highest capacities and will improve your quality of life now and in the future.

Body Systems Affected by Massage

A good massage affects more than your muscles! Here’s how a massage can impact the different systems of your body.


Issues with the musculoskeletal system are the main reasons people end up at a chiropractor or a masseuse. Often, they need realignments and critical work done on their frames. Most people with underlying issues have put pressure on their joints and muscles and need a regular reset to ensure that they function properly.


The nervous system also needs occasional care so it can operate properly. Whenever you feel anything, your brain sends signals to your nervous system that allow you to take in the world around you, and massage therapy helps to improve this system.


This system helps to regulate injury response with fluids. Some individuals have problems with their lymphatic systems where fluids tend to build up in their bodies due to lack of regulation. Massage therapy helps to dissolve these fluids to help the system regulate itself.


The endocrine system regulates all your body’s hormones, as well as your blood and circulatory, nervous, lymphatic, and musculoskeletal systems. Massage therapy helps to reset these hormones that may be out of balance and causing issues like weight gain, mood swings, and insulin resistance.


This system controls all your blood flow throughout your body. Massage therapy naturally improves circulation, allowing blood to flow more evenly and thoroughly through your body.

How To Know When To Have a Massage

You don’t want to become too rigid after working out excessively. So if you’re doing strength training, it is imperative that you make it a point to have a deep tissue massage at least every two weeks to prevent yourself from serious muscle injury.

It’s surprising to see just how important massage therapy can be. Massage therapy can improve your mind, body, and overall health. Making a routine for yourself is a good way to keep your health in check. Now that you know what systems are affected by massage, you’ll be able to determine what works best for you moving forward.