What Does it Mean to be COVID Safe?

As the state of Georgia has begun its limited, phased reopening process, Navicent Health has begun to see a return to pre-COVID patient volumes across its health system. In order to ensure the safety of each person seeking care at Navicent Health, the health system has taken measures to ensure each of its hospitals, clinics and physician practices are COVID Safe. 

“When we speak of COVID Safe, we are speaking of Navicent Health’s ongoing commitment to protect those we serve from potential exposure to the virus. Navicent Health has historically cared for those with communicable diseases, and we already had measures in place to protect visitors prior to the pandemic. We have enhanced those measures and we are taking additional precautions to protect our patients, visitors and teammates from COVID-19, ensuring each individual on each of our campuses remains safe from the threat of the virus,” said Dr. Ninfa M. Saunders, President and CEO of Navicent Health.

Navicent Health’s COVID Safe measures include the following – 

  • Continued screening at entrances – Patients and visitors are screened upon arrival and those with COVID-19 symptoms are immediately isolated.
  • Limiting visitors at all facilities – For Navicent Health’s most up-to-date visitation policy, please visit www.navicenthealth.org.
  • Requiring all individuals on campuses to wear procedural masks – Navicent Health’s universal masking policy is applicable to teammates, visitors and patients who may have to leave their rooms for diagnostic testing.
  • Increased hand sanitizing opportunities – Additional hand sanitizer stations have been placed at regular intervals throughout Navicent Health facilities for visitor and teammate use. Navicent Health encourages frequent handwashing and hand sanitization, and reminds the public to refrain from touching the face.
  • Social distancing in waiting areas – Seats in waiting areas have been placed at least six feet apart, and the number of seats have been limited, to encourage social distancing.
  • Extra measures to sanitize waiting areas, care areas and ambulances – These measures include increased attention to high touch surfaces, including seating areas and elevator buttons, and the use of Tru-D UVC technology to sanitize patient rooms.

In addition, Navicent Health will continue to isolate and treat those who are suspected of having COVID-19 and those with confirmed cases of the virus in separate areas, away from others. Those patients will be treated by special clinical teams who have volunteered to care solely for those with COVID-19, and those teammates will not care for other patients. Specific processes, dedicated equipment and disposable supplies are used in COVID-19 patient areas.  

“We are confident that these measures will allow us to protect visitors, to the best of our ability, from unnecessary exposure to COVID-19. With these measures in place, those in need of healthcare services – from elective and maintenance services to emergency and trauma services, and all points in between – can confidently seek care at Navicent Health,” said Saunders.

About Navicent Health

Navicent Health, the leading provider of healthcare in central and south Georgia, is committed to its mission of elevating health and wellbeing through compassionate care. Providing more than 1,000 beds and offering care in 53 specialties at more than 50 facilities throughout the region, Navicent Health provides care for healthcare consumers’ through an academic medical center; community, pediatric and rehabilitation hospitals; urgent care centers; physician practices; diagnostic centers; home health; hospice and palliative care; and a life plan community. Navicent Health is dedicated enhancing health and wellness for individuals throughout the region through nationally-recognized quality care, community health initiatives and collaborative partnerships. For more information, please visit www.navicenthealth.org.

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