What Is Value-Based Health Care?

For many, when it comes to healthcare, the first thing that comes to mind is cost. Cost of appointments, insurance and hospital visits. All are standard in a fee-for-service healthcare model, but there is an alternate approach for older adults with Medicare Advantage plans: value-based healthcare. Value-based healthcare is a quality-driven approach to health and wellness designed around the unique needs of each patient without the added costs. 

One such example of this healthcare model is Reliance Medical Centers, Polk County’s patient-focused Primary Care Provider. At a doctor’s office like Reliance, seniors are offered all the traditional amenities of Primary Care but with the added benefit of complimentary services designed to improve their overall health and wellness in and out of the exam room. 

“The complimentary amenities, including an onsite Wellness Club, state-of-the-art facilities, cutting-edge research through our collaboration with the University of South Florida and extensive activities programming, are built-in so that healthcare and access to care remain a top priority,” expressed Adam Krezel, Chief Operating Officer, Reliance Medical Centers.  “This approach greatly improves outcomes for our patients because it encourages a proactive lifestyle that they can access at our facilities and implement in their lives with the help of our licensed and supportive care teams.” 

The traditional fee-based model, known as fee-for-service, is transactional for both the patient and the provider.  Reimbursements are provided based on the quantity of services a healthcare organization provides, regardless of an evaluation of the quality of treatment or outcome. 

“Patients who are aware of value-based healthcare may be falsely under the impression that it somehow means less care, less attention, less reaction from their provider, but that is not how we operate,” said Krezel. “We are motivated to keep our patients invested in their health by ensuring that they are coming in for routine wellness visits, communicating if there is a concern, and working with our team to keep them healthy.” 

For the patient and the provider, value-based healthcare is a much more rewarding model. In value-based care, reimbursement is dependent on patient outcomes. At each of Reliance Medical Centers’ locations, value-based care equates to an all-inclusive, results-driven experience comprised of multiple providers and amenities including: 

  • Care Focus Team
    • Primary Care Physician – your health and wellness care team leader 
    • Nurse Practitioner – partners with your doctor to provide complete care
    • Personal Medical Concierge – your onboarding specialist
    • Quality Analyst – oversees and tracks your treatment and wellness progress
    • Referrals Specialist–coordinates and schedules your outside appointments 
    • Medical Records Specialist­–ensures all your medical records are on file
    • Medical Assistants (2) – provide clinical and clerical services for maximum effectiveness of the team
  • Health Support Team 
    • Patient Navigator – available for consideration tours and is a trained insurance professional to navigate complex health benefits and insurance processes
    • Clinical Coordinator – manages daily care team schedules
    • Case Manager – your liaison between Reliance and all referrals and hospitals
    • Resource Advocate – your dedicated government and community programs customer service representative
    • Activity Coach – your Wellness Club and Activity Center manager
  • Wellness Club
    • Fitness Club – senior-friendly physical fitness classes led by certified trainers
    • Activity Center – crafts, hobbies and creative classes and demos
    • Wellness Spa –hair and nail salon and prescribed massage therapy and acupuncture
  • Resource Center
    • Onsite team with computers dedicated to supporting seniors and knowledge about the resources available to seniors in their community
  • Chauffer 
    • Complimentary roundtrip transportation services to Reliance Medical Centers
  • Wellbeing Advisors 
    • Licensed Clinical Social Workers who specialize in helping seniors 
  • Clinical Pharmacist Team
    • Works with your doctor to ensure you are on the safest, most effective and most cost-effective prescriptions for your needs
  • Brain Health Program
    • Brain Health Assessment in collaboration with the University of South Florida for personalized benchmarking and memory loss prevention

Consider your new year’s resolution. According to statistics, by mid-February 80% have already given up their health-improvement goals. But it is much easier to stay on track when you have a chauffeur to provide complimentary transport to a fitness club, activity center and wellness spa. Suddenly you are empowered to keep health and wellness goals on track.  

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About Reliance Medical Centers
Reliance Medical Centers is Polk County’s most innovative, patient-focused Primary Care Provider (PCP) for adults with Medicare plans. Committed to vastly improving the medical experience of its patient members, Reliance is a doctor’s office that delivers a team approach to preventative and reactive healthcare practices by providing every patient with an 8-person Care Focus Team led by a Primary Care Physician, complemented by a Personal Medical Concierge. At Reliance, patients have direct access to exceptional services including an advanced Brain Health Program, Clinical Pharmacy Team and Wellbeing Advisors (Licensed Clinical Social Worker Team) as part of an exclusive years-long collaboration with the University of South Florida. Outside the exam room, onsite amenities include complimentary shuttles, dedicated medical priority line, a staffed Resource Center (state certified ACCESS Center) and complimentary membership to the Reliance Wellness Club that offers activities, fitness classes, free-service salon, and prescribed massage therapy. With an advanced and friendly approach to wrap-around healthcare, Reliance Medical Centers provides a comprehensive solution for older adults looking to improve medical outcomes and enhance their quality of life. Centers Lakeland and Winter Haven. 888-414-1413 I HelloReliance.com

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