What To Look For in Behavioral Healthcare Furniture

What To Look For in Behavioral Healthcare Furniture

Your behavioral healthcare facility provides excellent support to patients every day. You can create a safer and more calming space with well-designed furniture.

Advancements in our understanding of behavioral health have influenced how manufacturers create furniture for these facilities. Find the right products for your patients by knowing what to look for in behavioral healthcare furniture.

1. Safety

The main priority for both staff and patients is to use safe furniture. Behavioral health furniture should not have any sharp edges, removable parts, or space for concealing items. Furniture should also not pose a ligature risk in order to prevent harm.

One of the best examples of safe furniture is the molded plastic chair, which is essentially one singular piece of smooth and durable plastic. These sturdy, customizable pieces do not pose safety risks like chairs made with multiple pieces do.

2. Comfort

The next feature to look for in behavioral healthcare furniture is comfort. While this furniture is created with safety as the top consideration, patient comfort is an important part of the healing process. One factor that influences the patient’s comfort is the contours of the furniture.

A second factor that influences a patient’s comfort is color. Because color affects the patient’s mood, you should opt for soothing colors to promote positivity. You can use specific color palettes in different spaces to elicit feelings such as excitement or relaxation.

3. Low Maintenance

Finally, choose low-maintenance furniture. You can think of the maintenance requirements in terms of the cleaning methods you need to use and how often you have to fix or replace the furniture.

Low maintenance furniture won’t require as much work from your staff, which in turn helps increase the efficiency of your facility. And low maintenance furniture will help promote patients’ physical and mental health because the furniture will be clean and look great for a long time.