World Wellbeing Week: How to Train the Brain

In the past three months, searches for ‘wellbeing’ have increased 150%. And while working out has many benefits for your overall health and wellbeing, it’s important not to forget to train your brain. Like any organ, the brain can change and grow when used frequently, so it’s important to exercise it. 

To celebrate world wellbeing week, experts at MyProtein reveal their top tips to exercise the brain and achieve mental wellness.


Although meditation can take a long time to get right, it is much simpler than most people think and it’s like a full-body workout for your brain. The benefits of taking 10 minutes out of your day to meditate include increased mood, feelings of satisfaction, and feeling relaxed. 

  1. Find a seat

Find somewhere to sit that feels calm and quiet and somewhere you won’t be interrupted. 

  1. Set a timer 

In the beginning, it might help to set a timer for a short period of time, 5 or ten minutes will do. 

  1. Notice your body

Sit in a comfortable position that you can happily sit in for a while. 

  1. Feel your breath

Breath deeply in and out. Follow the sensation of your breath and relax. 

  1. Don’t wander

If you’re new to the practice, your mind will begin to wander away from your breath. Just make sure to realize and refocus your attention. 

Do this practice as often as you like. The most important thing is consistency.


Done daily or even a few times a day, writing your thoughts down can train your brain to think differently. Writing your thoughts and feelings down can change your thought process, therefore changing the way you feel and your mood. 

Dr. David Burns, author of the feeling good handbook says that our thoughts are distortions and not based in reality. 

Writing your thoughts down, allows you to realize the thought distortion at play, and write a reasonable response that is both true and goes against the negative thought. Although it might feel odd at first, by writing it down, you’re training your brain to feel better over time. Eventually, it will be second nature. 

Both of these techniques are effective exercises that fit into a healthy routine to stay positive and motivated. While it’s easy to get down, remember you have the power to train your brain and improve your mental wellness.

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