5 Mistakes To Avoid When Planning Your Home Gym

5 Mistakes To Avoid When Planning Your Home Gym

A gym can be a great investment in your home and yourself, as you always have a place to work out and no longer have to worry about gym memberships! But before planning your home gym and renovating the space, learn to avoid these critical mistakes many homeowners make with their gym.

Skipping the Flooring

The flooring is a crucial and fundamental aspect of any home gym, but too often, homeowners neglect or shortchange it. For one, hardwood flooring is a must, and items such as mats are also useful for many exercises.

Carpet flooring is unstable, and the fibers will soak up sweat and cause your gym to stink. Concrete is also not ideal for those thinking of a garage gym, as it doesn’t provide good traction and puts more strain on your body during workouts.

Neglecting Ventilation

Ventilation is another fundamental aspect of any home gym. If you’re constantly exercising in a small space with little air ventilation or no windows, it will smell and feel stuffy and uncomfortable. Ensure you choose a space equipped with capable ventilation and climate control or ceiling fans to keep up a steady air circulation.

Getting the Equipment You Want Instead of What You Need

When purchasing home gym equipment, many people end up blowing their budget on machines or equipment that looks cool but doesn’t suit their exercise preferences. Constrain your equipment and machine purchases only to what you know you’ll use frequently.

Start with the fundamentals: exercise mat, resistance bands, dumbbells, a bench, and cardio equipment. Prioritize versatility, portability, and ease of storage and movement of equipment if you’re setting up a gym in a small space.

Not Considering Organization

Without proper organization, your gym will quickly become a dangerous, unusable mess. Your home gym will need racks and hooks to store weights and other workout tools and accessories. One of the best tips for creating a home gym in a small space is to install vertical storage options such as slatwall or pegboard to free up floor space.

Blowing Through the Budget

Perhaps the most crucial mistake to avoid when planning your home gym is going over your budget. Creating a home gym can be expensive, and if you’re not careful, it can quickly turn into a money pit. Before planning your gym, carefully craft a budget and stick to it throughout the renovation. This budget will help you prioritize the essentials of your new gym instead of the flashy equipment and accessories.

Those are just a few of the things to keep in mind when planning your new home gym! Prioritize the basics and essentials of home gyms and always be wary of your budget, and we’re sure you’ll be thrilled with how your new gym turns out!