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Sodium, Heart Health

Eat Less Sodium: Quick Tips

Nine out of 10 Americans eat more sodium (salt) than they need. Eating too much sodium can lead to high blood pressure. High blood...

Women's Health

Nutritional Deficiency in Pregnancy: Tips for Mothers-To-Be

It's often said that a pregnant woman must eat for two. While that old adage doesn't give a mother-to-be license to overeat, it does...

Men's Health

Lake Oconee Mens Health

Men’s Health Month in June: A Time to Take Action

Good Health for Men Often Depends on Wellness Awareness and Early Screenings The statistics for men's health are alarming. For men, life expectancy is 76.3...

Children and Teen Health

Young Athletes Recovery

How Chocolate Milk Can Aid in Replenishing Nutrients for Teen Athletes

Between sports practices, training, games and tournaments, teen athletes endure a lot of stress on their bodies. While some parents know real dairy milk...

Independent Living

Self-Defense Tips for Seniors

Lake Oconee, Senior Man Working Out on Weightlifting Machine
By Steve Kardian Seniors may be statistically less likely to be the victim of a violent crime than younger age groups, but the fall-out of...

3 Ways To Help A Loved One Receive Proper Nursing Home...

Lake Oconee, seniors, Greensboro, GA, living independently, senior living in Lake Oconee
It’s an almost weekly occurrence across the country. Nursing homes face lawsuits over patients who develop severe bedsores that in some cases lead to...

Aging Design Expert Shares 10 Safety Tips for Living Independently

Nearly 90% of seniors 65+ prefer to live at home before considering a retirement or assisted living community for reasons including economics, the stress...

Seniors Discover Sitting Tai Chi is Great Medicine for Many Ailments

Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Joint Pain, Tai Chi, Sitting Tai Chi, Greensboro, Georgia, Lake Oconee
The clinical research is piling up in favor of Tai Chi. The American Journal of Health Promotion (AJHP) published an eye-opening, benchmark review of...

How to Prevent Falls in the Home

By Lisa M Cini Each year in the U.S. one in four people over 65 experiences a fall. It’s a common problem and can lead...



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