Lake Oconee Health (LOH), the region’s only online healthcare publicationprovides meaningful, current information about health and wellness from local and national healthcare professionals. 

With an educated, affluent, and highly influential audience, LOH reports in-depth on the trends, issues, and people impacting our region’s healthcare industry.

Since January 2019, we’ve posted over 1,800 original articles. We also engage our readers across multiple platforms: two digital magazines (Lake Oconee Health and Lake Oconee Boomers) that posts content daily, a weekly e-newsletter, and 10 social media channels.

Advertising Rates

Through those social media channels, we have over 15,000 connections:

With our experience in digital publishing and marketing, we offer a full range of options that can help your own digital campaigns. We get the results you need, maximizing your brand’s exposure, and making it easier for you to flourish in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

We offer our marketing partners engagement across our website, e-newsletter, and social media channels.  By advertising with us, you can increase your brand’s visibility through a customized approach that includes both advertising and editorial efforts.

Whether you’re an established practice trying to stay ahead of emerging competitors, or a local business that wants to become a bigger fish in a small pond, here’s how we can help:

Here’s how we can help:

  • Create engaging Reels on our high-traffic Facebook Pages
  • Post your content (bylined articles, press releases, etc.) and/or ad on our website (12,000 average monthly visitors)
  • Ensure your content is search engine optimized to ensure visits back to your own website
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  • Share your content across our social media channels weekly (over 14,000 connections collectively)
  • Write a dossier that you will fill out and we will post online

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For more information, contact Harvey Kart at or text at 412.897.1006; or Daniel Casciato at or text at 412.607.9808.