Common Ailments That a First Aid Kit Solves

Common Ailments That a First Aid Kit Solves

Even if you don’t think life will ever throw you a curveball, things that necessitate some medical attention can happen at any time. Something as simple as a papercut may require you to grab some bandages. Here are some other common ailments that a first aid kit solves.


Heat-related injuries are common at home and in the workplace. A simple slipup in the kitchen can wreck your day with radiating pain and blistering skin. A first aid kit can help with first- and second-degree burns, but a third-degree burn is more severe and requires further medical attention. Typically, first-degree burns linger for about a week and second-degree burns affect you for multiple weeks. Applying some ointment and a cooling press from your first aid kit will alleviate your pain while keeping the burn clean.

Cuts and Scrapes

Cuts and scrapes happen all the time in a variety of ways. If you do get a minor laceration, you’ll want to run some cold water over the abrasion to remove any dirt that may cause an infection. Once you clean your wound, apply pressure to stop the bleeding. Your kit should have several materials to treat minor cuts, such as bandages, gauze, and a sterilized cloth. Then, let your gash air-dry.


No minor inconvenience is more agonizing than a splinter. No matter what you do, the pain radiates throughout your finger, hand, foot, or wherever you got stuck. Having a pair of tweezers handy can be a lifesaver if this happens to you.

Stitch Care

A deeper cut may be challenging to control, requiring you to receive stitches to stop the bleeding. Some side effects can occur from a stitched wound. For example, a crusty area may form around the stitches, or the wound may leak yellow fluid. You’ll want to grab the first aid kit to apply some cream and wrap up the affected area to avoid further complications.

Bee Stings

When you’re doing yard work, you never know when bees will feel threatened and claim their territory. Mowing over a tree stump or through a small bush may awake the bee community, leaving you helpless from their attacks. Assuming you’re not allergic, in which case you will need immediate medical attention, you’ll want to apply some hydrocortisone cream from your kit to reduce the swelling and itching.

Sprains and Strains

Bodily injury can happen out of nowhere, making it vital that you know how to handle it until you see a doctor. For sprains and strains, you’ll want to rest and ice the area to minimize the swelling. After icing, wrap and elevate the limb to keep the blood flowing to control further swelling.

You can see the importance of handling the common ailments that a first aid kit solves. Having the knowledge to treat a medical injury on the go can keep you calm in a stressful situation, so pack that kit to ensure your safety.