Lake Country Compounding & Wellness: Redefining Pharmacy Care


Lake Country Compounding & Wellness plans to redefine what you think you know about pharmacy care.  The traditional image of a pharmacy is where you go to fill a prescription, but that doesn’t define what you should receive through pharmacy care. 

A professionally trained pharmacist is probably the most accessible healthcare provider available to us.  With specialization in Custom Compounding, Medical Equipment and Devices, Diabetic Shoes and Support Stockings, Wellness Programs for Weight Loss/Hormone Therapy Management/Diabetes Management, and the highest level of Medication Management you will find in any professional medical field – Lake Country Compounding & Wellness will help you achieve your highest level of well-being and quality of life.

The pharmacists at Lake Country Compounding, brothers Carey A. Vaughan, PharmD & Chris A. Vaughan, PharmD, have dedicated themselves to providing their patients with only the highest level of care. 

“We want to provide our patients and community with a better avenue to seek, and find, proactive improved health and wellness.  Typically a pharmacy is seen as a destination for only reactive solutions.  We aim to change that perception.  We want our patients to feel better every day, and live better every day.” 

Carey and Chris, along with their dedicated staff, assure that they will utilize all avenues at their disposal to ensure that you have the knowledge and tools at your disposal to live your best life.  The pharmacy of the future is now, and right here at Lake Oconee.

For more information about Lake Country Compounding & Wellness, please call Carey A. Vaughan, PharmD or Chris A. Vaughan, PharmD, at 762-777-7001.

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