Most Common Causes of Spinal Cord Injuries

While spinal cord injuries aren’t widespread, they are a type that you want to avoid. Hopefully, our list of the common ones will help with that.

Back-related injuries are some of the scariest ones you can receive. They can permanently change your life depending on the severity. One of the worst kinds is those dealing specifically with the spinal cord. That’s why we’ve put together a list of some of the most common causes of spinal cord injuries. That way, you can better attempt to avoid them if you find yourself in a dire situation.

Car Accidents

While it’s not feasible to escape vehicle usage, you should be a more careful driver to avoid spinal cord injuries. Car accidents are the number one way that spinal injuries occur, accounting for close to half of all cases each year.

Slip and Falls

The next leading cause of spinal cord injuries is slip and fall cases. These typically occur due to you being unaware of the situation you are walking into, so becoming more aware of your surroundings is the best way to prevent nasty falls from happening.

Assault and Battery

Acts of violence like gunshot and knife wounds make up a large portion of the spinal cord injuries in assault and battery cases. A decent chunk of these involve alcohol, so it would be best not to drink too much and then pick a fight.

Recreational Activities

Any sort of physical activity can potentially end in a damaged spine. Hard-hitting sports like football and hockey are the biggest culprits, but it could even happen after diving into the shallow end at a public pool. No matter which activity you’re doing, you need to be careful not to do something too drastic.

Certain Diseases

A relatively unknown common cause of spinal cord injuries is the ones that can happen after a serious illness. Complications such as arthritis, osteoporosis, and even cancer can lead to severe spinal cord injuries. Obviously, these issues aren’t necessarily avoidable, but they’re still good to know about.

Lifting Heavy Objects

The issue you are most likely to encounter on a daily basis is hurting yourself while lifting heavy objects. This can happen either in the gym, at work, or even at home if you’re lifting improperly. While this rarely leads directly to a spinal cord injury, it can happen if done enough times throughout your lifetime.

What You Should Do If You Get One

At the end of the day, if you have a spinal cord-related issue, it likely wasn’t your fault. If someone else’s negligence directly caused it, you could most likely file a claim against them to pay for your medical bills. There is obviously a lot that goes into a case like this, so be sure to consider all your options when finding a lawyer to represent you. Once you have one, you will be on your way to getting compensated for this life-altering injury.