Offering Peace and Comfort to Patients and Their Loved Ones

Peaceful Purpose Hospice humbly serves the community by providing quality care and support to patients and their loved ones, while nearing the end of life’s journey. Their ultimate mission is peace and comfort.

Services include:

Routine Home Care

Care provided at the patient’s residence, which includes private residence, nursing facility, assisted living facility or personal care home.

Continuous Care

Care provided when the patient is in a crisis and symptom(s) cannot be managed with routine home care. The hospice team continuously provides care at the patient’s residence until the symptom(s) are managed.

Respite Care

Care that provides temporary relief to the caregiver by transferring the patient to a facility that is contracted with Peaceful Purpose Hospice of Georgia for a maximum of five days.

Inpatient Care

Care that begins when other efforts to manage symptoms have been ineffective and a higher level of care is deemed necessary by the hospice team and attending physician as authorized by Medicare, Medicaid or commercial insurance. Provided in a contracted inpatient facility, this level of care is designed for stabilization of acute needs and symptom management and the patient returning to the routine home setting.

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