Returning to the Dentist During Covid, What’s Changed?

is it safe to go to the dentist

The two main reasons patients fear going to the dentist is due to “Dental anxiety/fear. They are both one of the most common reasons people usually avoid having much needed dental work, especially when it comes to getting implants,” says Implant Expert/Cortex Master Trainer, Dr. Grant Selig (DDS).

Cortex Dental Implants Industries, Ltd. is a developer and manufacturer of groundbreaking, high-quality dental implant designs, prosthetic products and surgical kits. Established in 2008 by a global group of maxillofacial surgeons and implantology experts, Cortex aims to answer the dentistry world’s needs for practical, innovative rehabilitation and restoration solutions. Embarrassment about your oral health is another problem that is being addressed in a variety of ways:

  • It hurts  
  • Bad experience in the past  
  • Feelings of helplessness/loss of control  
  • Anxiety About Cost  

About 10% of the population have severe anxiety about trips to the dentist, and many put off their visits until they have a toothache or another emergency, such as a dental abscess. The behaviour can lead to a negative cycle of events, with patients becoming ever more afraid because emergency treatment can be more traumatic. 

People who were terrified of visits to the dentist showed marked differences in their brain responses compared with those who were more relaxed at the prospect, according to work reported at the Society for Neuroscience meeting in San Diego.

Here’s why going back to the dentist is safer now more than ever: 

  • Most dentists are opening back up full time 
  • New patient precautions include limits to number of patients allowed inside, temperature checks, masks, hand sanitization, etc. 
  • New investments in sterilization and cleaning protocols to ensure patient safety 
  • New technologies and innovations in dentistry are finally addressing dental anxiety head on, as dental offices become more ‘patient-centric’ and more in-tune with their patients’ overall health and well-being.  
  • This includes digital dentistry – 3d scanning, planning, virtually pain-free and drill-free solutions, like same-day extractions and implants, and “All-on-4” permanent dentures. 
  • Cortex Dental Implants, Magix, etc. 
  • Getting dental implants, even multiple implants or full dentures, has never been more affordable, safer or effective.  

Cortex recently introduced MagiX™, drill-less, self-tapping conical connection platform; which due to its unique, superior design and efficient digital workflow, has recently generated a new groundswell of surging awareness for Cortex here in the States. In response, Cortex has reaffirmed their strong commitment to the US as a major market.

As patients begin to return to the dentist, one of the main goals should be improving patient experience. “Dental offices need to meet the new expected level of service post-Covid and concentrate on getting back to normal,” explains Implant Expert/Cortex Master Trainer, Dr. Selig.

Cortex dental implants can help improve lives and is the next level of technologically driven dentistry for generations to come. They offer innovative products that have the most pain-free, least traumatic implant solution on the market and they require minimal drilling. Less trauma has proven that there will be fewer chances for complications, faster healing times and the best news, fewer return visits.


With world headquarters based in Shlomi, Israel, Cortex is proud to be a dynamic, fast-moving company whose mission is to improve the lives of clinicians and their patients; by providing high quality products that exceed standards of excellence in the rapidly growing field of dental implantology. Built by dentists for dentists, Cortex strives to remain a global leader in dental implants and guided surgery. For more information about Cortex USA contact or 866-GO-CORTEX.

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