The Dangers of Improper Chemical Storage

The Dangers of Improper Chemical Storage

Working with chemicals is often integral to many industries, from laboratories and pharmaceutical research to manufacturing and industrial storage. Chemical compounds come in various forms—powders, gases, liquids—and each presents a unique set of hazards if workers do not store and handle them properly, as this article on the dangers of improper chemical storage demonstrates.

Physical Hazards

Lackadaisical storage of chemicals can pose significant physical hazards such as fire, explosion, or exposure to toxic substances. Certain chemicals can produce a potent explosive mixture if, for example, flammable liquids like gasoline encounter oxidizing agents like bleach.

Similarly, conflicting chemicals should be nowhere near each other to avoid dangerous reactions. Incorrect storage of corrosive chemicals like acids and bases can cause leaks and spills that can harm workers and the environment.

A storage facility could add fuel to the proverbial and literal fire if it doesn’t meet required industry safety standards.

Health Hazards

Dozens of commercials about contacting a lawyer typically pop up during daytime television programming, like the one that suggests you contact a specific lawyer if you contracted mesothelioma after working in an unsafe environment. Unfortunately, working with dangerous chemicals is one of the gravest health hazards. Additionally, improper chemical storage can cause severe health hazards that can result in occupational illnesses, including chemical burns, skin irritation, and other respiratory problems.

Improper storage allows chemicals to seep into the atmosphere, producing toxic fumes that can lead to complications. For instance, inhaling chlorine gas can lead to severe lung damage. Following safety protocols when handling bleach and acidic substances is crucial to minimize health risks.

Environmental Hazards

Shoddy chemical storage facilities pose a significant threat to the environment, and the consequences of not adhering to safety protocols can be catastrophic. A spill from an oil tanker can contaminate acres of land and several bodies of water, killing aquatic life and destroying habitats. Similarly, dumping hazardous waste into drains can lead to groundwater contamination, which can cause severe health problems. Hiring a chemical storage service might be in your best interest to vastly lower the risk of potential environmental disasters from mishandled chemicals.

Legal Consequences

Apart from posing threats to human life and the environment, improper chemical storage can have legal implications. Companies that do not follow proper safety protocols can face lawsuits, fines, or criminal charges for violating industrial safety laws. Such incidents can also damage a company’s reputation and result in a loss of trust among customers, stakeholders, and employees.

Recognizing the dangers of improper chemical storage ensures companies are more aware of the severe threat to workers, the environment, and the public. While following proper storage and handling protocols may seem tedious, minimizing the risks of accidents, health problems, and environmental damage is crucial. You must familiarize yourself with the safety protocols and always take them seriously if you work with chemicals.