What Are the Most Common Summertime Injuries?

What Are the Most Common Summertime Injuries?

The warm weather and shining sun encourage everyone to spend time outside, but summer fun brings mishaps and injuries. Keep reading to understand the most common summertime injuries and how to minimize risks.

Swimming Pool Accidents

The pool is a popular destination for all people during the summer. However, slips and falls can occur due to the slippery area. Additionally, fungal-related mishaps happen too. One of the dos for summer feet is to wear appropriate footwear, especially at the pool.

Although you won’t wear shoes to swim, it’s important to wear them in the locker room to avoid athlete’s foot! This foot infection is common in swimming pools and communal showers because fungus thrives in moist, hot areas. You’re likely to contract the infection if you don’t wear flip-flops or shower shoes.

Bicycle Mishaps

Biking is a popular summertime activity because it’s a fun exercise. However, a variety of accidents can occur in children and adults. Poorly constructed bike paths and sidewalks can lead to falls. Though a small bruise or scrape isn’t severe, bad falls may lead to broken bones or concussions. After a fall, it’s essential to assess your current condition and determine if you need to seek medical attention.

Sports-Related Injuries

Did you know that many sports-related injuries occur due to inadequate stretching before engaging in the activity? In addition, lack of protective gear or improper training contributes to injuries as well. It’s critical to follow the best practices for the sport!

Trampoline Falls

Trampoline falls are another common summertime injury. Concussions, fractures, bloody noses, and bruises are things that can happen. Though the majority of these injuries occur in children and teens, adults can suffer from trampoline mishaps too! It’s essential to minimize the risk of falling by attaching a net around the trampoline.

Heat-Related Illness

Enjoying the summer heat and warm sun is fun. Unfortunately, prolonged sun and heat exposure can lead to heat-related illnesses. Severe sunburns, heat stroke, and dehydration are common illnesses. And the physical symptoms of these occurrences include fatigue, muscle aches, hot skin, and nausea. Drinking water and sitting in the shade can prevent these incidents.