Wound Care Management – To Heal Better and Faster

In our daily lives, we are bound to get wounded due to some reasons or other. We are in a rush all the time, and that’s one reason for getting injured more often. As per an analysis of Medicare beneficiaries, more than 8 million people had wounds with or without infection in the United States in 2018. This shows the need for wound care management. However, before getting into the depths of it, let’s understand what it means.

What is Wound Care Management?

As the term itself suggests, wound care management is the process of providing optimum care to the wound so that it heals faster and doesn’t get infected. 

Now that you have a fair idea about the steps in the process of wound management, we can move on to understanding why it is necessary. There are three significant benefits of proper wound management. We have listed them below. Have a look:

Prevents Infection

The biggest risk that an unmanaged wound carries is the risk of infection. The wound is extremely vulnerable to infection if there is no adequate care. If an infection happens, then it slows the healing and also causes inflammation. It can also lead to severe consequences, and this is what wound management prevents from happening. It reduces the chance of infection drastically and doesn’t let the wound last long.

Accelerates Healing

Apart from being vulnerable to infection, an unmanaged wound also heals slowly. As it takes a longer time to heal, the chances of its aggravation increases along with other issues such as inflammation, pain, etc. So, it’s crucial to reduce the time that a wound takes to heal itself, and wound care management can do that. It speeds up the healing as it protects the wound from external agents.

Reduces Scarring

No one appreciates scars on their body unless they are from war. However, if a wound is not appropriately managed, then the possibility of it leaving a scar is very high. You can prevent that from happening and minimize the scarring through correct wound management. So, if you don’t want to have scars from your injuries, then do take care of your wound.

These are the benefits of wound care management, and this shows the necessity of wound care. However, to ensure the highest quality wound care management, the medical sector needs to utilize technology and that technology is the wound care management solution.

There is so much technology can do to improve wound care. Some of the significant advantages are listed below.

Precise Documentation

One of the major challenges that the healthcare sector is facing is the documentation of the patient’s data. Without proper documentation, the data gets misplaced, and that makes it extremely difficult for doctors to provide high-quality care. This is where wound care management solution comes into the picture. It keeps all the essential information of the patient safe and properly arranged. It ensures that all the info of the patient from the admission to the discharge is present at one place. This helps in sharing the data with the doctors and in turn, helps in the treatment of the patient. 

Better Workflow

Hospitals are one of the most chaotic places. There is a lot of rush, and doctors don’t even have a second to spare. Even then, they have to do many tasks such as various types of documentation about the wound of the patient and a hundred other things. However, if these processes are streamlined and integrated into a workflow, then everything will be seamless. Wound care management solution can easily do that. It can automate several tasks to free up a lot of time for the doctors. This will give the doctors more time to save lives rather than wasting their time in other insignificant tasks.

Efficient Tracking

As a doctor, you can’t provide the best care to a patient if you can’t track the progress of their wound. So, it’s vital to do even if the patient gets discharged. However, it is a challenging task given the amount of workload the providers have and this is where wound care management solution can be of great help. This system has every information like the status, images, etc. about the wound from the pre-discharge to the post-discharge stage of every patient. Using this technology, providers can track the journey of the patient and compare the data to analyze the progress.

Remote Assessment

Wounds need to be assessed and examined until it heals entirely. However, there are numerous outpatients, and it isn’t easy to continuously visit them for evaluation. However, it can be quickly done by the wound care management solution. This technology allows the providers to assess the wound of the patient using their mobile. They don’t need to visit them. They can also complete their documentation using their mobile. It offers much-needed flexibility to the providers and also makes things easier for the patient.

Digital Imaging

To provide the best treatment to a wound, it has to be scrutinized, and for that to happen the images of the wound should be extremely clear. However, that can be difficult without the use of the latest technology. Most of the wound care management solutions come with the digital imaging feature through which it is possible to achieve crystal clear images of the wound. It helps in the proper evaluation of the patient’s injury resulting in better treatment of the wound.

There is a lot more technology can do for wound care, and we need it to ensure high-quality treatment. If the latest technology is integrated into the healthcare system for wound management, then we can provide the best care to the people and save more lives. Along with that, we need to understand the importance of wound care management at an individual level to help the providers in keeping everyone healthy. Hopefully, now you have an idea about wound care and the role technology can play in its improvement. For more such articles, stay tuned.

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