5 Breakfast Options When You Are in a Rush

5 Breakfast Options When You Are in a Rush

Whether you’re traveling and don’t have enough time to take your time cooking or running late for work, there are simple and effective ways to get your first meal of the day ready to go. These breakfast options when you’re in a rush are ideal for getting your energy and calories in without spending too much time thinking about it. Quick isn’t the opposite of nutritious; taking advantage of these will power you for the rest of your day.

Fruit and Yogurt

This is an excellent option to get a small number of carbohydrates, fat, and lots of energy for the beginning of your day. You can keep a big yogurt container in your fridge—plain is the healthiest kind because it contains less sugar—and add bananas or strawberries for carbohydrates. Pour the yogurt into a bowl or container, slice the fruit, add some raw honey, and enjoy.

Oatmeal Mix

You can always prepare your breakfast the night before and keep it in the fridge so that it’s ready in the morning. You can put the oatmeal inside a mason jar and add coconut or almond milk, some protein powder, and blueberries for an oatmeal mix. Let it sit overnight so that the oatmeal soaks up the milk and blueberry flavor, and you can enjoy it in the morning.

Nutritious Smoothie

This is a refreshing way to start your day, and it doesn’t take long to make, especially when you blend everything. A whey beyond breakfast smoothie is the best way to start your day with the necessary ingredients. This is the best option for you if you have an active lifestyle and require a lot of energy throughout your day.

Simple Cereal

There are many different options for cereals that you can get at the supermarket, but not all of them are the best for you. Fiber cereals rich in protein are good for your health. While the cereals rich in sugar will provide energy quickly, the sugar rush will pass and leave you tired. Pair your cereal with almond milk to prevent your stomach from bloating.

Turkey Sandwich

Sandwiches are a great option for breakfast when you are in a rush because the cold ingredients are easy to prepare and travel with. Add thin slices of turkey with light mayonnaise, lettuce, and tomato. These will provide the necessary nutrients for your day.