5 Quarantine Fitness Secrets

While COVID-19 lockdown restrictions are beginning to lift, many states have yet to give the green light to nonessential businesses. We all know what that means, still no access to some gyms.

Switching to a home workout routine isn’t easy, but ambitious mompreneur, Kourtney Reppert shows us how to stay fit and avoid the #Quarantine15 with her tips below! 

It’s all about that H20 baby! 

Kourtney tries to set a goal to drink at least a gallon of water a day. She typically starts her morning with a big glass of alkaline water with a PH of 8.8 or higher. This helps hydrate and wake up her body. Water is vital, regardless if you are dieting or not. When you are adequately hydrated, you will not overeat. The benefits are endless, so start treating your body like the miracle it is and drink your H2O!

Catch up on those Z’s 

Kourtney understands that we’re all out of our regular routines. She has stayed up late and slept in since her schedule’s usual demands aren’t there. She recently turned to her pre-COVID sleep schedule. Your body really needs to rest and reset. Getting plenty of sleep is good for your mental health, and during this time, your body repairs itself. So, be sure to give yourself at least 8 hours!

Turn your living room into a gym

Kourtney relies on her @mackfit workout bands and sliders. Those little tools add mega resistance, and you can take them anywhere. She also loves @mackfits app; it gives you daily workout routines, healthy eating guides, and motivation to keep you on track. If you can’t benefit from training with him personally, his app comes close!

Eating right 

They said abs are made in the kitchen and Kourtney couldn’t agree more! She lives for her @iconmeals meal prep. “I didn’t realize how much it helped until I didn’t have the healthy options that were pre-portioned right in front of me!” says Kourtney. She has struggled with food portions and options due to her on-the-go lifestyle. She decided to learn about what her body needed, and it wasn’t until she educated herself with food that she was able to get it right! With Icon Meals, she could finally maintain her hard work at the gym. Food is probably just as important, if not more, than getting in your exercise. Icon Meals for the win!

It’s time to be kind to our bodies

We are intelligent machines, and our thoughts do make an impact. There were times Kourtney talked bad and doubted herself due to the negativity that would creep up online. She would have to remind herself to be positive and always be a friend to yourself no matter what. Being kind to yourself allows you to make better life choices, and the outcome is feeling and looking better. Compliment someone else and watch how it makes you feel too!

Don’t dwell on the results; dwell on how you feel every day! The results will come, allow your body to adjust, and smile! 

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