5 Simple & Effective Ways to Protect Against Covid

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By now, everyone knows that things like vaccinations, social distancing and wearing a mask can help stop the spread of Covid. But there are also five other simple and effective steps you can take to help protect against the virus, and help you recover a lot quicker if you do contract it. What are they?

Dr. James Taylor is founder of COVID Treatment Clinics and COVID Testing Solutions. (https://covidtreatmentclinics.com/) It wasn’t just being a medical doctor that fascinated him with Covid. After coming down with Covid, his recovery journey was life-threatening, absent of a recovery plan and included long-haul COVID symptoms. Now he wants to be there to help others navigate these confusing times. 

Dr. Taylor’s five recommendations for everybody: 

Nasal Hygiene. Nasal Wash.

Covid lives in the nose and mouth. If we can keep this region of our bodies clean and resistant to the virus then we can reduce viral load and tip the scales back in our favor so that our immune systems will be able to adequately handle a viral infection and not be overwhelmed. We can accomplish this by washing our sinuses with a neti pot. Instead of washing our hands after we are exposed to the virus, we should be washing our nose and mouth. This is how covid is spread, not by physical contact. We can also take advantage of nasal sprays that contain iota carrageenan and xylitol that bind virus particles thus blocking them from infecting the individual.


Even for people who eat a healthy diet it can be challenging to get all the correct vitamins and minerals needed to sustain a healthy body and immune system. That’s why supplementation is so important. You should always talk to your doctor first, but recommended supplementation to help keep your immune system at its best to help protect against covid and other viruses includes: Vitamin K2 – 1,000, mcg daily; Vitamin C – 500 mg three times per day; Vitamin D – 5,000 units daily (Low levels are associate with a higher COVID-19 mortality); Zinc – 5mg every eight hours; Magnesium –  400mg per day for adults, and a Vitamin B supplement once per day. 

Take control of other medical problems

It’s always important, but especially in the new world we are living in, that if you have been diagnosed with a medical condition you get it under control. Not only can Covid exacerbate other medical conditions, suffering certain medical conditions can make recovering from Covid more difficult. Closely monitor and control diabetes, take your cardiopulmonary medication as directed, keeping your blood pressure within normal limits and stay in touch with your doctor, even about issues you consider minor. 

Anti-inflammatory diet

A nutrient-dense diet centered around whole foods that include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds and plant-based sources of protein, supplemented by herbs and spices, is extremely healthy. These whole foods are high in fiber, phytonutrients, and good fats, and more than meets one’s protein requirements, thus significantly improving immunity and decreasing inflammation. If your body is in an anti-inflammatory state, it will help you recover much quicker from a Covid diagnosis. 

Get control of your mental health

Mental health has a direct connection to physical health, so address any issues that are bothering you. Keep stress at a minimum and lower anxiety. Seek help for depression. Stop negative talk, complaining, gossiping and criticizing. Address anger and practice forgiveness. Address any family issues. Make sure you feel connected and have a vision for your life. Finally, a curious and playful mindset is one of the most powerful ways to stimulate the production of anti-inflammatory cytokines and relaxation hormones, so have more fun in everything you do.

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