6 Exercise Safety Tips

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many Americans are more aware of their health and wellness. Now, as social restrictions ease, you may find yourself stepping up your workouts, whether you’re training for an event or working to improve your game in a recreational league.

Sprains, strains and injuries can happen to even the most seasoned athletes. When you’re testing your limits, even a minor injury can alter your performance. Consider products and supports like these from the CURAD Performance Series product line, available at Walmart and Amazon, to help you get back in the game quickly and safely.

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Keep Dirt and Germs Away

The more active you are, the harder it can be to find a bandage that stays with you all day or all game long. You can find serious staying power with CURAD Performance Series Bandages, which come in a variety of shapes and sizes to conform to the body and are made to stand up to mud, sweat, friction and heat. The rugged, heavy-duty fabric offers flexible, breathable protection to help seal out dirt and germs, and the highly absorbent, colored wound pads are antibacterial to help prevent infection.

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Spray Away Sore Spots

Controlling mild pain can help keep you at the top of your game, and a topical analgesic works fast to heal common pain brought on by fitness and exercise, such as pain in knees, feet, shoulders and backs. For advanced numbing support, ActivICE gel, roll-on and spray relieve soreness fast with ultra-strength 8% menthol that has anti-inflammatory properties to numb muscles pre-workout and relieve post-workout soreness. The gel also includes pharmaceutical-grade conditioners that moisturize for lasting protection and comfort to heal and relieve prolonged inflammatory pain.

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Put Pain in the Past

When recovery becomes the name of the game and pain relief is needed after daily workouts or bodily injuries, home remedies like CURAD Performance Series small reusable hot or cold packs provide long-lasting chilling or heating relief for recovery from aches, pains and swelling. Cold packs work to heal bruises, reduce swelling and relieve headaches and general pain points while microwavable heat packs provide satisfying heat therapy to address sore and stiff joints, muscle cramps and tension.

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Reduce Impact of Knee Strain

Weak, injured or arthritic knees can come from many sources, including tendonitis and a wide range of conditions that result in strain or overuse. An adjustable band can provide support for on-field sports and during workouts or everyday activities. An option like the CURAD Performance Series Knee Support has a universal, adjustable design that fits either knee for most men and women. Its adjustable patella support pad fits a variety of knee shapes and sizes, and a special antimicrobial layer helps prevent stains and odor-causing bacteria.

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Manage Pain and Relieve Pressure

If you participate in endurance and strength exercises or certain sports, you may ask a lot of your joints. Kinesiology tape can be configured a multitude of ways to help reduce pain and improve blood circulation, as well as relieve tension and pressure. Providing support and relief while active, CURAD Performance Series Far Infrared Kinesiology Tape features infrared technology, designed to absorb and redirect energy, and may be experienced as a gentle radiant heat. The tape is latex free, hypo-allergenic and can be worn for multiple days, even when swimming or participating in water sports.

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Control Back Strain

When your back is strained, your body and performance can suffer. A mild or moderate sprain can benefit from strong support and compression, such as the CURAD Performance Series Back Support. The dual-pulley system provides quick, uniform, custom compression with an easy, one-hand pull and metal stays for added support across the lower back and abdomen. The soft, breathable material is discreet under clothing so you can wear it all day long and hardly notice it, and the adjustable design comfortably fits a wide variety of body types.

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