8 Ways to Boost Your Productivity and Health While Working From Home

New research from mobile experts at Uswitch has revealed that health app downloads have increased by 25% to help with self-care during lockdown. 

With much of the world still facing some form of restriction or lockdown, many have had to adapt to spending more time working from home. Days of traveling to the office and socializing with colleagues may now seem a distant memory for a lot of us, but that doesn’t mean that our health and wellbeing should suffer as a consequence. 

As part of their Health App Index, the mobile experts at Uswitch found that five countries in the study chose mental wellbeing as their biggest health concern, with health apps including Calm and Sleep Cycle ranking in the top 10 on the index. 

Mental wellbeing has proven to be a big concern among a lot of us thanks to the past year, and with this in mind we wanted to create a list of ways you can boost your productivity and wellbeing when spending your working day at home.

Get outdoors

There’s a reason why you’ve heard a lot of people tell you it’s good to get outside. Not only does it get you up and out of the house while you work at home, it also does wonders for your motivation. During the winter months, it’s often dark when we start work and dark by the time we finish, so it’s important to make sure you head outside to get some vitamin D and raise that step count.

If you are struggling to get those steps in, why not try health and wellness apps like Fitbit to keep you motivated and working towards your step goals? Research from the World Economic Forum has revealed that step trackers like Fitbit can really make a difference to your motivation, with those using them walking an extra 2,000 steps a day on average.

Download the Fitbit app here. 

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Try meditation 

Maintaining good mental health is really important, especially if you are self-isolating or live alone. Meditation can be the perfect solution to wipe away the stress of the working day and bring some inner peace while we all feel a little bit tense. 

An easy way to practice good meditation is to try some sleeping exercises or breathing techniques with mindfulness apps such as Calm. Learning new techniques to keep your mind focused or manage your stress levels can have a large impact on your wellbeing, so next time you feel like it’s all getting a bit too much, try a sleeping exercise and allow your negative emotions to melt away. 

Download the Calm app here

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Create contrast between work and your personal life

If you are working from home for the foreseeable future, it can be very easy to let your professional life get in the way of your personal one. To make sure you get that work-life balance during lockdown, keep your workspace separate from the rest of your home, or be sure to pack away your things at the end of the day. 

Being able to switch off and really relax after work is really important to our mental health at the moment, and should be a vital part of your self-care routine to help you feel more recharged for the next day. 



Organize your day

Organizing your day can be really important to not only your mental health but also your motivation. Whether you are on furlough or working from home right now, planning your day is a great way to keep yourself motivated.

If you spend the majority of the day in front of a computer, try and implement time into a self-care routine each day that will reduce the number of hours spent in front of a screen. Something as simple as making your bed or reading a book can make a big difference to your mental health. 

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Stop the doom scrolling

We are all guilty of the social media wormhole that is doom scrolling – a few minutes looking at TikTok can easily turn into hours – and with the distressing nature of the news due to the pandemic, it can have a negative impact on our mental health. 

If you have found yourself scrolling through social media multiple times a day lately, it’s time to re-channel that energy into something more positive. Try setting yourself a time limit for how much time you spend on your phone or read a story about something good in the world, and spending that time on your phone will feel instantly better. 

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If your anxiety levels are high at the moment, the chances are you are not alone. With all of us under more stress than ever this year, adding in a bit of exercise to your daily routine is a great way to enhance your mood during lockdown.

Exercise is known to be an effective and natural anxiety treatment as it relieves tension and stress through the release of endorphins. You don’t need to get those running shoes or do a vigorous HITT work out, something as small as going for a walk is enough to get you blood pumping. 

If you are feeling adventurous why not try an exercise app such as Fitness Coach to keep up your workout routine while gyms are shut? With hundreds of routines to choose from, there will be something to fit every need. 

Download the Fitness Coach app here. 

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Reward yourself 

Keeping yourself motivated or sticking to a self-care routine can be hard in itself, so giving yourself something to look forward to at the end of the day can be enough to keep you motivated. 

Having small rewards can make a huge difference in motivating us throughout the day. So whether it’s your favourite sweet treat, listening to a podcast or calling your friends up, adding rewards into your daily routine can provide a light at the end of the tunnel to keep you focused. 

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Prioritize your sleep  

Last but certainly not least, make sure to prioritize your sleep during lockdown.  The mental strain you feel at a time of stress can not only affect your day to day life but can also impact the way we sleep. 

Creating a sleeping pattern or bedtime routine can really help you prioritize your wellbeing at the end of a long day and make you feel more rested and ready for the day ahead. Setting yourself a goal of how much sleep you want or alarms that will remind you that its bedtime is a great way to get into the habit of going to bed at the right time. 

If you need something to assist you with your sleep, try the health app, Sleep Cycle. As well as providing tips on how to get a good night’s sleep, the app also has alarms and routines you can follow to make sure you achieve your goals. 

Download the Sleep Cycle App here. 

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