Cold Weather: Dangers That Increase in the Winter

Cold Weather: Dangers That Increase in the Winter

While the winter months can be a time of great celebration and fun, they come with a few unique dangers. Depending on where you live and the exact weather conditions, the cold weather can increase the danger you face every day. Here’s a look at the increased dangers you’ll see in the winter months.

Vehicular Accidents

The winter months see a large increase in vehicular accidents and DUIs. With many different celebrations throughout the winter comes an increase in DUIs. Additionally, cold weather makes driving more difficult, which leads to more accidents.

Hypothermia and Frostbite

The cold weather doesn’t just affect devices and vehicles but also people. Hypothermia and frostbite strike in cold climates and do damage to the body. Hypothermia occurs when a person is out in the cold for too long, and their body starts to shut down. The exposure can damage the body directly, which is when frostbite takes its toll. So, limit your exposure to the cold to stay safe.

Gas in the Home

The cold can put undue stress and pressure on pipe systems and cause changes to the natural gases in an area, which is dangerous for you and your home. The most common change is carbon monoxide leaks, which can be lethal if you don’t have the proper alarm system in your home. Additionally, radon levels are high in the winter months, which can put you in danger of radon buildup.

Snow and Ice

One of the biggest dangers of the wintertime is ice, as it’s slippery and heavy. Ice on the ground can cause slips and falls and make roads dangerous for drivers. Snow can be blinding when driving. Additionally, it saps away heat when you touch it. That’s why you should avoid both snow and ice unless you have the proper equipment and gear to deal with the cold.

Winter is the most dangerous time of the year for many people, but you can stay safe if you know about the risks. That way, you can fully enjoy all the amazing parts of the season, such as holiday celebrations and the fantastic views nature creates.