Dos and Don’ts After Breast Surgery: Post-Surgical Advice

Dos and Don’ts After Breast Surgery: Post-Surgical Advice

With so many different factors to consider before surgery, it’s easy to forget what to consider post-surgery. However, getting ready for life after an operation is essential to your recovery. In this blog, we’ll discuss the dos and don’ts after breast surgery to give you the best post-surgical advice.

Do: Rest

Taking time off work to recover from any surgery will help your body heal. Since you’ll be resting in bed for several days following your surgery, consider reaching out to friends or family who can help manage any difficult tasks.

Do: Wear Compression Garments

After breast surgery, the doctor will send you home wearing a medical-grade compression garment to help stabilize your recovery. According to Cancer Research UK, wearing and tending to these medical compression garments is integral to post-surgical recovery.

How Do Compression Garments Help?

These medical compression garments support reconstructed breast tissue and maintain breast shape. Keep these garments on until post-operation appointments with your medical care provider.

Do: Practice Hygiene and Wound Care

While it’s crucial to avoid getting your dressings or stitches wet, you should continue waist-high washing to keep other areas of your body clean as you heal. Practicing good hygiene can also help you monitor any discharge from healing wounds post-surgery. While slight discharge is normal, you should report any excessive discharge with bright coloring to your doctor immediately.

Healing wounds under surgical dressings are at an increased risk of infection. Prevent them from coming into contact with water until otherwise indicated by a doctor. Getting surgical dressings wet could cause several severe problems post-surgery.

Don’t: Sleep on Your Stomach

While post-surgery rest is essential, never sleep on your stomach after breast surgery. Since your breasts are healing, putting unnecessary stress on your chest could affect your recovery process. Instead, sleep on your back or in a fetal position for better circulation and support.

Don’t: Workout Excessively or Too Soon

Working out too soon after any surgery can cause lasting damage to a person’s health. While each type of breast surgery comes with a different healing and recovery time, most will require at least two to six weeks of resting time before returning to intense exercises such as running, weight lifting, and cardio.

Not only does exercising put stress on your healing body, but it also generates sweat, which can lead to post-surgery infections. Always speak with a medical professional before returning to your regular workout routines.

During your recovery after breast surgery, you should focus on healing. Speak with your doctor about the best habits to follow to help you heal comfortably.