Health Issues Office Workers Commonly Face

Health Issues Office Workers Commonly Face

Office workers spend a large portion of their weeks sitting in front of a computer, focused on completing work tasks and meeting deadlines. Just as manual labor places a strain on the body, office work comes with its own list of common health issues.

Awareness of workplace dangers gives you the opportunity to make changes for your well-being. Learn health issues office workers commonly face.

Back and Neck Pain

It’s common for office workers to experience back and neck pain due to their workspace setup. It can be hard to maintain the right sitting posture, but having the right equipment can make it a lot easier.

  • Get a comfortable chair that provides you with lower back support.
  • Keep your chair at the right height so your feet are planted on the ground.
  • Position your keyboard so that your elbows bend at a ninety-degree angle while you type.
  • Your computer screen should be at eye level so that you don’t have to crane your head up or down.


Office workers are prone to eyestrain. Computer screens and digital displays emit blue light, and office professionals often stare into this light for hours. If you use digital devices for more than ten hours a day, that’s an indication that you need to wear blue light blocking glasses.

Another office-pertinent cause of eyestrain is focusing your eyes on something for too long. When you don’t take sufficient breaks from reading, for example, you can tire the muscles that move your eyes. Give your eyes a rest by looking at a distant object.

Weight Gain

Another health issue office workers commonly face is weight gain. Office work requires very little physical activity, and it can be easy for office workers to fall into a sedentary lifestyle outside of work. Couple this with the convenience of unhealthy foods, workplace stressors, and a time crunch, and many workers slide into unhealthy eating habits, too.

Prioritize movement and eating healthy food. Exercise will keep your muscles in good condition and promote circulation, improving your physical and mental health. Eating healthy food will help keep your weight from reaching a dangerous level, and it will fuel you as you go about your day.