How To Make Your Car Safer For Everyone

How To Make Your Car Safer For Everyone

Cars aren’t great for our health. Every time you hit the road, you’re subjecting yourself and those around you to a host of health concerns. But driving doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Here are a few pointers on how to make your car safer for everyone!

Take Care of Your Vehicle

If you’re already bringing your car in for periodic inspections and basic maintenance, you’re ensuring your car is less likely to have an accident or breakdown, all while reducing its negative effects on the environment and your community’s health. Regular oil and filter changes keep the engine running smoothly and cleanly, burning less fuel and emitting less carbon monoxide. Having the tires inspected also ensures the treads remain deep enough to maintain their grip on the road. Make sure there are no scrapes, abrasions, cuts, or bubbles that could cause a flat or blowout and endanger you, your passengers, and others on the road.

Defensive Driving; Proper Preparation

This should go without saying, but too many people think driving safety is something you learn about in high school, then promptly forget. Defensive driving can go a long way toward keeping you and your passengers safe and secure. Obeying all traffic laws and going easy on the gas and brakes may seem obvious, but statistically speaking, you run less risk of an accident when you do so. It helps your car last longer, too, saving not just lives but money as well. If you do have an accident or break down, make sure you safely pull over and alert other drivers by setting up road flares or blinking signals.

Keep It Clean

Don’t underestimate the health benefits of a clean car, especially if you’re transporting someone who’s immunocompromised, elderly, or otherwise requires a clean environment. Washing and waxing the exterior makes the car look great, of course, and can preserve the car from corrosion and ensure a higher resale price down the line, but don’t neglect the cabin. Toss trash, try not to eat and drink in the vehicle, and don’t smoke. Vacuum the interior and wipe down and disinfect the seats and dashboard. Giving the mats and carpeting a shampoo and rinse can also eliminate dirt and filth as well. Again, a clean car is a healthy car.

Don’t Drive

Here’s another tip on how to make your car safer for everyone—ask yourself if the trip is necessary. One less car on the road means cleaner air and skies, safer streets, and less gas usage. Arrange carpools so that you and your friends or coworkers can keep your individual cars off the road more often. Decide if you can reach a destination just as easily by public transportation, bicycle, or a similar self-propelled vehicle. The latter gives you the best of both worlds, getting you where you want to go while getting you in shape!