Looking Good After the Gym is Possible

It’s that time of year again. Next month people will be flocking to their local gym or favorite workout place to try to stick to their fitness resolution for the new year.

There are a ton of terrible excuses that have been used in the past to get out of a workout, but one of the most common ones is having someplace to be or something to do later in the day and they don’t want to mess up their look. But going into your workout prepared and knowing a few secret hacks can help you walk out looking like you just stepped out of a magazine rather than a grueling workout. 

NoSweat, a lifestyle brand and manufacturer of innovative products that can help increase performance, safety and hygiene, offer the following tips.

  • Do pre-prep. To help transition to your after-workout look, it’s important to do some prep work beforehand. If you have longer hair, putting it up in a bun or loose braid can help prevent it from becoming a frizzy mess and keeps it off your neck so that you stay cooler. And skip wearing heavy makeup to the gym. Not only are you taking the risk of having mascara or eyeliner run down your face, but it can cause acne issues by clogging pores when it combines with sweat. 
  • Dress the part. Just like with any recreation or sport, having the right gear for your workout is key to solve common issues that can be a pain to deal with afterwards. Invest in quality dri-fit clothing that moves sweat away from the body and to the surface of the fabric, keeping you dry and comfortable throughout your workout. This can help cut down on odors as well as prevent sweat from chilling your body on top of the air conditioning that gyms usually have blasting. 
  • The secret is in the liner. Fitness buffs tend to wear hats at the gym to help keep their hair out of their face and some use it as a tool to help them block out the activity around them to stay focused on their workout. Stick a NoSweat liner inside of headwear to instantly wick away sweat and prevent hats or visors from becoming a stained, smelly mess. The thin, breathable liners also cut down on the need to stop mid-rep to wipe your face and can help prevent acne issues by not allowing sweat and dirt to get trapped between the hat and your forehead. 
  • Pack a refresher kit. Taking a shower immediately after your workout is the best way to remove any lingering sweat and odors, but that is not always a possibility. If you don’t have time, pack a small kit that includes face wash, body wipes and deodorant. Pick up travel sized products at the store for easy transportation in your gym bag or pack those trial-sized samples that are cluttering up your bathroom cabinets or drawers.  
  • Keep clean clothes fresh. Gym bags themselves can become a breeding ground for germs, odors and bacteria. Use disinfecting wipes on the inside and outside of the bag to help keep it clean. And to help prevent your fresh change of clothes from becoming as smelly as your workout gear, use a reusable shopping bag to store them in or if you do choose to stick them in your gym bag, remove them once you get to the gym and hang them up in your locker. 

About NoSweat 

NoSweat is a lifestyle brand and manufacturer of products that are 100% USA made and built to increase performance, safety and hygiene for anyone who sweats and wears some type of hat, helmet, visor or hard-hat. NoSweat’s goal is to provide innovative products that improve how people work, play and live. NoSweat offers a growing, patented line of sweat-absorbing solutions that are unique to the sports, construction, industrial, food prep, military, and municipal spaces. Learn more about NoSweat at: https://nosweatco.com/

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