Realistic Goals for Beginners To Fitness

Realistic Goals for Beginners To Fitness

You might have gone through this cycle a few times already in your life. A new year, a new you, and you vow to make a major life change and get back into shape. The problem, however, is that you’ve barely begun and already you’re feeling discouraged because your goal seems so far away, and you don’t seem to be seeing results. Setting your goals too high when you’re just starting out is a common issue, so here are some realistic goals for beginners to fitness.

Try Something New Each Month

You’re just starting out, so there are hundreds of exercises and workout styles available for you to discover and try. Instead of diving headfirst into a long-term goal, why not start by trying out a new exercise routine every month? That way, you’ll get the chance to find out what exercises you do and don’t like. Once you have a better idea of what fitness styles you enjoy, you can better formulate a better routine geared toward the goals of losing weight or building muscle.You’ll also have other exercises ready in your back pocket when your routine starts to feel stale and you want to change things up.

Start Making Changes To Your Diet

Like exercise, many people try to dive headfirst into an intensive diet. Instead, we encourage you to simply make the effort to start eating healthier. Just making conscious decisions to make healthier substitutes in your meals or deciding to skip over a snack is a step in the right direction and will help you psychologically acclimate yourself to the idea of eating better and avoiding urges for sweets. There’s no shame in taking baby steps, as very few people can just make such a huge shift in their diet without issue.

Start With Stretching

Stretching is one of the best ways to strengthen muscles and loosen up our joints to keep nice and limber. Stretching is easy, accessible, and even has mental health benefits since it relieves stress and tension. If you’re not sure how to stretch, a guide on yoga may be useful to you. It’s a non-intensive way to exercise and still feel a difference in your health, making it one of the best realistic goals for beginners to fitness.

Walk When You Can

Many of us have lifestyles and commitments that require us to be fairly sedentary during the day, such as an office job. Because we spend most days sitting in one place, a smart move would be to get up and walk whenever you have the opportunity. It’s small, but even a short walking is enough to get your blood flowing and burn off some calories. Additionally, it’s an easy way to expend a bit of energy so that you’re more comfortable and focused when you have to sit down again.