Safety Considerations for Spray Foam Contractors

Safety Considerations for Spray Foam Contractors

If you’re just starting a spray foam contracting business, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the safety risks and guidelines. Spray foam is a safe and effective insulation material, but the installation process has its share of risks. If you’re planning to start your own spray foam business, make sure you know these safety considerations for spray foam contractors before you schedule your first installation.

Spray Foam Installation Risks

Before starting your spray foam contracting business, it’s important to be familiar with the safety risks that spray foam installation may involve. While completely safe once cured, spray foam contains chemicals that can be harmful to be exposed to during the installation process. It’s important to wear protective equipment to protect your lungs, eyes, skin, and other extremities. Spray foam exposure can cause shortness of breath, sore throat, and even fever. However, using protective equipment can help prevent exposure and these negative side effects.

Spray Foam PPE

Speaking of protective gear, you should also consider exactly which personal protective equipment (PPE) to wear for each spray foam installation. To protect your eyes, lungs, and skin from spray chemical exposure, you’ll need the proper protective bodysuit, goggles, respirator, and more. The proper gloves and shoes are also important to your overall protective wardrobe. Never skip a piece of PPE while investing in this protective gear, and always wear your PPE during every installation for optimal protection.

Type of Equipment

Another important consideration before starting your spray foam installation project is which equipment you’ll be using. Certain spray foam rigs and systems are better suited for beginners to spray foam installation. Generally, low-pressure spray foam rigs are safer due to their lower foam output. These systems are best suited for beginner spray foam contractors and smaller spray foam projects. If you’re just getting started in the spray foam industry, a low-pressure spray foam rig is ideal.

In the spray foam installation business, it’s important that you follow these safety considerations for spray foam contractors. Following these guidelines and tips will help keep you safe so that you can run an effective and successful spray foam contracting business.