Seven Ways to Exercise Without Even Realizing It

When we’re feeling overwhelmed and not like our best selves, it’s easy to put self-care to the wayside. What we love to do isn’t prioritized, and we often forget how to incorporate movement and fun exercise into our daily lives.

To get moving again it’s easy to say that you’ll sign up for more yoga classes or head to your local gym, but this can put even more pressure on you than there already is. We’ve found that the best way to incorporate exercise into your routine is by making small adjustments.

Instead of making big leaps away from your current routine, find ways to take a few minutes each day to dedicate to yourself. The little moments can add up and have a greater impact than you may have imagined.

Set yourself up for success by fueling your body with a nutritious meal, and some energizing caffeine and L-theanine.

We’ve laid out some simple ways that you can slightly adjust your day so that it has more movement and stress-relieving endorphins:

#1 Take Care Of Your Furry (Or Not Furry) Friends

Whether you have a dog or a less active pet friend, caring for it can add some extra exercise into your day.

Walking your dog is one of the more obvious ways to get some steps in, but dog owners typically recognize they’re signing up for a walking buddy when they go through the adoption process.

For our non-walking pet owners you can still get some exercise by taking care of your pet. Use part of your afternoon to set up some climbing shelves for your cat or lizard. Has your fish tank been a bit neglected? Spruce it up by using your muscles to give it a thorough cleaning.

If you don’t have the motivation to get yourself moving, maybe helping out your pet will improve your atmosphere and overall mood.

#2 Go Out For A Fun Night

It’s a lot easier to go out with friends than it is to get yourself to the gym, we know. Honestly, both activities can add an equal amount of exercise to your day.

Think about it; showering, getting dressed, walking to the Uber, dancing all night, walking to the closest food joint, and getting yourself back home. A whole night out can result in thousands of steps and a bunch of hours continuously on your feet. Just watch out for the cocktails.

Next time you’re invited out, go for it. Enjoy your nights out and get some exercise out of it at the same time!

#3 Spend Time With Some Rascals

Kids have a lot more energy than we do, if you want to get moving spend some time with some rascals. Between playing tag, house, and monsters you’re bound to work up a sweat. 

If you have kids of your own, then you already know about the workout that comes with raising them. If not, hang out with your nieces and nephews, your little sibling, your coworkers’ kids, or the little ones growing up in your apartment complex.

Kids can brighten up your mood, let you escape adulthood, and help you get in some exercise.

#4 Go Swimming

Swimming is one of the most fun ways to exercise for anyone. Swimming is an aerobic exercise that gives your whole body a workout. If you avoid exercising because it hurts your joints, then swimming is a great way to get moving without the pain.

Hit your local pool or even trudge through sands to the beach and get your heart rate going.

#5 Play Your Favorite Sport

Walking or running can feel like obvious workouts, making it harder to get yourself out the door and moving. Hitting the courts however with your friends can be a lot more fun. Playing basketball, baseball, or tennis is a great way to use your whole body and raise your heart rate.

If you find it hard to find a partner or group of friends to play with, there are some solo sports that you can get into. Consider jumping rope, trying out rock climbing, or martial arts. Grab a few yummy and protein-packed bars, and get outside for a few minutes or hours.

Having a sport that you love is an easy ‘in’ to exercising, but trying something new can be just as exciting. 

#6 Gardening

Your traditional perception of a home workout may involve Youtube videos and exercise bands, but another at-home exercise idea is taking care of your home.

Pulling out weeds, raking leaves, and lifting heavy pots can be an awesome form of physical activity. Gardening is a two in one way to lift your mood and feel proud of yourself: getting in some exercise and beautifying your garden.

#7 Video Games

You may think that video games are the antithesis of exercise, but it depends on the ones you play. The Wii craze of the early 2000s enlightened us all on how videogames can get us moving. There are still systems and games that offer dancing, tennis, and even water-rafting.

Video games provide such easy exercises for beginners all in the comfort of your living room. Grab a remote, stand in front of your TV, and get going.

Rethink Exercise

We all have nightmares about workout routines that involve the plank position and squeezing  glutes. Sometimes, the best way to conquer your fear is by thinking about the situation differently. 

Exercising is about moving, getting on your feet, and getting your heart rate up. There are so many ways to incorporate a great workout into your day without the gym or the booty bands. 

Sometimes, all that’s keeping you from exercising is your body being inadequately fueled. Be sure to set yourself up for success by enjoying a bottle of Soylent, packed with what your body needs; 39 essential nutrients, and 20g of protein to keep you going.

We hope that these seven different forms of exercise come to mind the next time you’re overthinking what it means to be active.

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