Travel Expert Shares Trending Holiday Travel Ideas

Holiday Travel Ideas with Covid

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COVID-19 had a huge impact on our everyday lives, including the way we travel. Airlines made changes to the way that they expected their customers to fly, such as requiring vaccinations or masks, and even with all of these safety precautions in place, the checkpoint travel number has dropped within the last two years. According to the TSA, on October 13, 2019, it was approximately 2.5 million compared to 2.3 million on October 13, 2022.  

While the amount of people traveling reduces, chaos and confusion in regard to flights and travel continue to increase. The searches on Google for “December Cruises 2022” have increased over 103% over the last month alone! We have gathered some alternative ideas for holiday travel that may eliminate the confusion surrounding flights. 

If you need to fly, be prepared

With most of the COVID mandates lifted, it is expected that more people will be flying this holiday season. Be prepared for flight delays and arrive at the airport with enough time to check-in. Additionally, be well informed about flight delays and how United Airlines flight delay compensation may be something you can get.

Take a Cruise Line

While you may still have to prepare for a flight to get to a cruise port, there are many cruise ports around the United States that you may be able to drive to. Driving would eliminate the long waits and possible delays at the airport. 

If you must fly, you may be able to shop around for good deals on airline tickets to the closest cruise port. Additionally, many cruise lines will bundle airfare with the price of the cruise ticket so you get the best deal. 

Rent a Holiday Home or Cabin

Everyone dreams of a white Christmas and some may even be within driving distance. Find a holiday home or cabin and take a road trip with your family. You may even be able to take an Amtrak or a bus to eliminate having to drive there. 

Polar Express Train Ride

While you are thinking about exploring a white Christmas, you might even be able to find a train that offers a complete Polar Express experience. Find different locations throughout the country and you might be able to drive to one and have a unique holiday experience. 

Final Thoughts

Avoiding flights might be difficult for individuals who need to fly to get to their families, but surely there are alternative holiday ideas that can be done without flying! Enjoy making some new memories while eliminating the trouble that you may find waiting for you at the airport this holiday season. 

Anton Radchenko is with AirAdvisor.