Why/How to Activate Mindfulness in Times of Uncertainty

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By Stephanie Hadjipateras

To understand why we need mindfulness in our lives is first to understand what mindfulness is. It is about being in the moment, bringing your attention to the now and being content with who you are now and try not to be overwhelmed by things that are going on around you. Mindfulness has many benefits; it relieves stress, anxiety, and depressing while making you feel happy, confident, and more focused.

We all have the ability for mindfulness, as it is something in all of us. By doing specific techniques,  Bringing mindfulness to any form of activity brings a focus to what is happening in the moment and how you respond to it. Here are some methods that can help in our everyday lives.


Pilates is an excellent form of exercise, as it strengthens our core and improves our posture. It helps us connect our mind and body, while also focusing and controlling our breathing, helping us understand our body better. Pilates takes a lot of discipline of the mind, being in the present and focusing, pilates involves:

     – Centre yourself

             – Concentration; 

             – Control; 

             – Breath; 

             – Flow

Fun Fact: Pilates improves memory.


One can say that mindfulness is a type of meditation, but the fact is that there are quite a few differences. Meditation is being aware of nothing and clearing your mind, where mindfulness is being mindful in the moment. Now, there is something called meditation mindfulness. One can do this sitting or lying down, where the focus is on your body, from your feet to the tip of your nose, while also focusing on your breathing, if the mind wonders, which it does and is healthy, try to bring back the attention on the breath. Then when wanting to move, pause before doing, notice how it feels. Then when ready, open your eyes. it’s straightforward, but it doesn’t mean it can be easy, but the more you practice, the sooner you start to see results.

Fun Fact: meditation can lower blood pressure


There are many types of yoga practices out there; one is called mindful yoga, where the main focus is on mind and body awareness. Yoga helps with posture like pilates, but it also promotes bone health, protects the spine, and makes you feel happier. This is a great stress reliever, just like pilates, combined with Buddhist style mindfulness.

Fun Fact: Yoga can lower blood sugar.

Everyday life can become very overwhelming at times, which can now and then cause stress. It is therefore essential to find the right technique for you that can help you practice mindfulness. There are many techniques one can consider and the above are just examples. 

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Stephanie Hadjipateras has been a life coach for several years. After obtaining her qualifications in the United Kingdom, she opened her business in 2016 and has since helped many clients in achieving their aims and objectives. Prior to life coaching, she was in the events industry and studied fashion; two experiences that she’s brought over into her life coaching in terms of the things she learned and observed. Her subsequent multiple surgeries, coupled with other health issues – some of which affect her everyday life today – led her into finding her passion in helping and guiding other people. 

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