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HarveyBy Harvey Kart

Life used to be so simple.

If you got hurt in an accident, experienced an unusual pain, noticed a growth on your body that wasn’t there a day ago, or just didn’t feel well, you called your family doc who always seemed to have time to see you right away.

Once there, the kind, compassionate and soft-spoken physician listened patiently before prescribing—when appropriate—some form of treatment. You left feeling at least comforted in the belief that you were treated as an individual and not just another entry into an electronic record file.

Today, everything has changed—sometimes for the better, but sometimes not.

The truth is, today health care has improved incredibly since the first Baby Boomer visited a pediatrician. Problem is, access to critical, individualized, information has become increasingly difficult to access.

Too often we take what we think we heard might be our preliminary diagnosis and we Google it. But today the internet has ballooned so much with information that we don’t even know where to start. Or if the information we find is valid. So what’s a person to do?

Welcome to!

As some of you know, I have been involved in health care—specifically providing useful, practical and reliable information—for more than 35 years. My associate, Daniel Casciato, adds another 20-plus years, giving us more than half a century of experience and credibility in providing answers to healthcare questions.

Our healthcare publications covered such major markets as Pittsburgh, Chicago, and Atlanta. At the risk of making myself feel old, I was there for the introduction of the hospice concept, cochlear implants and the resurgence of integrative health and medicine. I saw, and reported on, first hand the barrier-shattering transplant work of Dr. Thomas Starzl in Pittsburgh, the emergence of the AIDS crisis and the onset of the current opioid epidemic.

Through all the change, turmoil and innovation, our publications and websites provided clear and helpful information provided by trustworthy sources, many on the cutting edge of healthcare innovation and treatment.

We need this kind of information access today more than ever before. That’s why Daniel and I are launching is designed to assist you and your family in achieving the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle. This collective effort will showcase the best our region has to offer by sharing sound healthcare information and advice. The view we offer will be from “both sides of the stethoscope,” meant to benefit both healthcare professionals and consumers. will feature news stories that highlight the latest information and breakthroughs from our region’s healthcare industry and present local and national guest experts sharing their knowledge and opinions to help you make better decisions.

We hope you’ll pay us a visit. It just might be the healthiest decision you make all year!

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